Our Mission:

Providing uninterruptible power for all through solar energy and inverter systems

We know that you feel deprived of electricity and you are tired of compensating with noisy and fuel guzzling generators. This is why we have affordable payment plans and installation options for you!

Our Services

Solar & Inverter Systems Installation

We provide the best installation services out here. For us, every new installation is an opportunity for us to improve on delivery.

System Appraisal

Are you getting the best out of your existing installation or do you think you should be getting more?

Energy Audit

Here, we send an engineer on site to properly assess your power needs.

Maintenance Service

Give us a call today if your system no longer performs as well as it should


We have a team of expert solar energy engineers who provide sound advice.

Training Services

We render qualitative classroom and hands on training to interested people. Male or female, young and old. 

Why Go Solar?

No Running Costs: End spending on fuel today
No Noise: Inverter systems function noiselessly. This is one of the many reasons why they can be placed even in your room where you sleep
No More Power Outbreaks: With an inverter system, you do not experience power outbreaks. Whenever power disappears from the grid, the inverter changes over automatically and faster than you blink an eye. This means that you can now watch your favourite television show and watch your favourite team play without having to be bothered about power outbreak.
Easy To Operate: Inverter systems do not require intense Energy to run. With just a switch, you can turn on your inverter if you had previously put it off. The inverter systems are also housed within hence, you need not worry about security.  (This belongs up there with ‘why go solar’)
Environment Friendly: Inverter systems operate without generating fumes(Carbon monoxide). You don’t have to bother about it being dangerous to your health or contributing to global warming.
Stellar Power & Electronics

Why Choose Stellar Power?

Competitive Prices

At Stellar Power and Electronics, we offer you great prices and affordable payment plans with you in mind. We have credit facilities and we ask you to book an appointment with us today!

Free Follow Up On Installation

We also offer a free follow up period of six months on your installation. So, you don’t have to worry about what happens if anything comes up because we have got you covered!

Warranty Covered Systems

Each of our products come with a minimum warranty cover of 1 year.

Timely Delivery

At Stellar power and electronics, we deliver whenever we state that we will deliver. We strive to stay true to our word. I’m the event that there will be a delay a delivery, we ensure that our clients are well advised on the situation.

Well Trained Staff

All members of our team have been well trained in their department. You need not worry about quality of installation as we provide the best installation services that money can pay for!

Value For Money

We know that you are hardworking folks. This is why we ensure that you get the best value for your pay. We always place our clients first in every decision to ensure that your choice to ‘go solar’ will be a decision you will never regret.

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